Diets Plans & Healthy Food : Alkaline Diet Plan Chart-the alkaline diet: healthy alkaline foods, ph balance & food chart

Alkaline Diet Plan Chart-the alkaline diet: healthy alkaline foods, ph balance & food chart



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Alkaline Diet Plan Chart-the alkaline diet: healthy alkaline foods, ph balance & food chart
The e-book “The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet” was written by Emma DeAngela, a self-proclaimed health enthusiast. According to her website:
“When I was young, I had numerous health problems (digestive disorders, always lethargic), overweight, and constantly succumbing to every little virus floating around in the air. Fortunately, I discovered that our body’s pH level is critical to our health – It controls many of the processes in our body. For optimal condition, our body needs to be slightly alkaline. And the main reason for my poor health was that my blood was highly acidic. I was sick and tired of my lack of health and extra weight that I go for a long journey on the alkaline diet.”

The e-book that is downloadable from her website is written by her, but really it’s just her own presentation of information on The Alkaline Diet – a diet made popular by the works of nutritionists like Robert O. Young (author of the book The pH Miracle) and naturopaths like Christopher Vasey (author of the book The Acid Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health).

These two authors – along with many others – have done a good deal of research into the pH balance in the body, as well as how health conditions are linked to this important balance. The Alkaline Diet is the name given to this popular eating plan, and it is one that is covered in great depth by the ebook “The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet” – the book we are currently reviewing.
The Alkaline Diet is based on a simple premise: an alkaline pH balance in the body is healthy, while an acidic pH balance is unhealthy.

Understanding basic chemistry will help you understand just how the Alkaline Diet works.

The pH level of something measures just how acidic or alkaline it is.

If the pH is 0, it is entirely acidic.
If the pH is 7, it is a neutral balance.
If the pH is 14, it is entirely alkaline.
The human body has a wide variety of pH balances oddly enough.

The blood in your veins has a pH balance of 7.35 to 7.45 – meaning it is slightly more alkaline.
The stomach – with all its gastric acid – has a pH balance of 3.5 – meaning it is very acidic.
The pH levels of your urine changes according to the things you put into your body. In fact, your urine is the best indicator of the pH balance in your body. Any extra acid is expelled through the urine – it’s how your body keeps that pH balance steady.

The Alkaline Diet is tailored to those that are trying to promote a pH balance that trends towards the alkaline rather than the acidic. It claims to be able to help keep the pH balance in your blood constant, but the truth is that your body is designed to do that all on its own.

Likely Pros of the Alkaline Diet

The diet is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Dairy is off-limits, as are meat and other highly acidic proteins.
The diet is all about natural foods – raw fruits and vegetables, grains, and legumes.
The diet is mostly gluten-free – as it is a wheat-free diet.
The diet eliminates most of the food allergy triggers – eggs, milk, nuts, fish, and shellfish.
The diet does not call for additional purchases.
The diet calls for foods that you can find at any grocery store or supermarket.
The diet is very high-fiber, making it excellent for digestive health.
The diet is free of processed foods.
Probable Cons of the Alkaline Diet

There is still some exposure to gluten and other food allergy triggers – albeit limited.
Special foods may need to be purchased to ensure a healthy balance between carbohydrates, protein, and fat intake.
The diet is fairly low-fat and low-protein, with an emphasis placed on carbohydrates.
For those also exercising at the same time as dieting with the Alkaline Diet, the nutritional imbalance can lead to lower energy levels, slow muscle growth, and other problems.

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