Diets Plans & Healthy Food : A Vegan Debunks ‘What the Health’ Documentary

A Vegan Debunks ‘What the Health’ Documentary



Will the vegan community ever stop cherry-picking studies, obsessing over industry funding, and demonizing fat intake?

*Time Codes*

0:00 – Disclaimer
1:59 – Diabetes & low fat vegan diets
6:21 – Carbs can’t make you fat?
8:43 – Dairy & breast cancer
11:03 – The infamous ADA interview
13:40 – Industry funding of studies & health organizations
16:48 – ADA/ACS recommendations
19:50 – Jake Conroy, SHAC, & eco-terrorism
22:20 – Conclusion


Intramyocellular lipid

Barnard’s diabetes study

Low carb diets and diabetes

Eco-Atkins (low carb vegan) study

Diabetes UK position statement on low-carb diets

Dr. McDougall is wrong. The fat you eat is not the fat you wear.

Polyunsaturated fats and insulin sensitivity

PCRM Dietary Fat

Milk & breast cancer

Milk & prostate cancer

Yes, most plant milks are bad for kids (thoughts on that “non-dairy milks make kids shorter” study)

American Diabetes Association Recommendations

American Cancer Society Recommendations

World Health Organization on processed & red meat

Jake Conroy & SHAC

Don’t care about animals? 5 reasons you should still go vegan


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