Diet Plans & Healty Food : Weight Loss, Diet – Pea Leek Soup Recipes

Weight Loss, Diet – Pea Leek Soup Recipes



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This soup is just awesome and has a great flavor, not only good for you but an excellent low-calorie meal that will keep your weight under control. The peas and leeks just go great with the smoothness of the potatoes; it just gives you that creamy texture without all the cream.
I hope that you enjoy this awesome soup. Now this I find that you can make a large pot of it and then freeze it into portion size containers for another day.
Please let me know how yours turned out or/and did you add anything else to it to make it your way.

1 Can – Pea’s
1 Med. – Leek
1 Med. – Potatoes
1/2 Med. – Onion
1 to 2 Clove – Garlic
2 Leaf – Bay leaves
1 Squeeze – Lemon juice
1 Tbsp. – Low-sodium Veggie stock
Salt and pepper to taste.
1 and ½ Tbsp. Butter
1 or ½ Tbsp. Olive oil
1 Tbsp – Dried Parsley

Thing To Take Note:

1. Use all the white and most of the green part of the leek. I find that the tips of the green part of the leek will give out a bitter taste to the soup so I only use about 1/2 of it. Starting from the white bottom part.

2. In this soup recipe I find that the peas in a can works perfect because the water with the peas gives the soup a more rich flavor. Now if you wish to use frozen or fresh peas will work also in your favour to the soup.

3. Cook the first stage of the soup until you can stick a fork into the potato without and effort. Also when it is done, please remember to remove the 2 bay leaves.

4. Make sure that your soup has cooled before you have it blenders. I usually but the pot in the sink with cold water about halfway up the pot for a few minutes.
Now I turn the blender on low for about 30 seconds and then about a minute or two on high to get the soup a creamy texture. Please do not overload the blender, for it is better to blend it in two parts or more as to over fill it.

5. Go ahead and finish off your soup by making it your way, just add all your favorite spices and herbs. After all its your soup, why not enjoy it, your way.

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