Diet Plans & Healty Food : HEALTHY FOOD DIARY What I Eat to Lose Weight #FitFriday

HEALTHY FOOD DIARY What I Eat to Lose Weight #FitFriday



Healthy meal inspiration if you want to lose weight, or just want to eat healthier and incorporate more vegetables! Mostly vegetarian, some vegan ideas, some pescatarian, but I get most of my nourishment from plant based meals. I am focusing on a low carb diet which really helps me to lose weight, without having to feel hungry or deprived.

Do what works for YOU! Please don’t criticise my diet, these are just IDEAS to inspire, and to incorporate into your own personal lifestyle. A lot of my ideas can easily be made vegan, or you add meat if you like. Nasty comments will be removed and you will be blocked! Just a fair warning.

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Hi, I’m Julia Graf! I am a beauty and lifestyle content creator and social influencer, with my main focus on Youtube. I became interested in makeup when I was in college, and I saw it as a creative outlet for self-expression. The human face is my canvas.

On my channel you will find: makeup tutorials, celebrity looks, Halloween makeup tutorials, nail art, beauty reviews, fashion hauls, makeup hauls, cooking, healthy living, fitness and exercise, weight loss, decluttering, home decor, and life and travel vlogs. I upload a new video every week. Subscribe now! ⇒

I create all my videos entirely by myself – from creative inception, to filming, to editing: I am truly a One Woman Show.

I am Swiss and Canadian (dual citizenship) and live in Switzerland. I studied Political Science and International Development Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I speak German, English and French, and when I’m not working, I love to travel, cook, read and keep fit.

I sometimes use affiliate links to help you find things quickly and easily. Any affiliate commission earned, I reinvest into my channel in the form of camera, lighting and sound equipment which means better quality videos for you! Thanks for your support.

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