Diet Plans & Healty Food : Healthy Breakfast Idea : How to Make Instant Rava Dosa | Semolina Dosa | Weight Loss Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Idea : How to Make Instant Rava Dosa | Semolina Dosa | Weight Loss Recipes



#RavaDosaRecipe – Eating a healthy Breakfast is the very basis of good health and a quick to make and healthy breakfast idea like the Instant Rava Dosa is a delight to eat every morning. This Instant and Healthy dosa has been made in a very little oil. Very good Breakfast if you are looking for diet Recipes!

The instant Rava Dosa fits the category of low-calorie recipe for weight loss, as it consumes a very small amount of oil and thus can be considered as a healthy breakfast idea.

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The rava dosa is a quick, easy, healthy and a slightly different take on the usual dosa that we eat. Considering the fact that it consists of all the vegetables, the rava dosa makes for a completely power packed nutritious healthy breakfast option. Being low on the calorie count, the rava dosa is an ideal healthy breakfast option for weight loss.

Looking for something to munch on for your kids? Well rava dosa is the best breakfast idea for kids too as they enjoy eating the vegetables covered under the taste of the homemade rava dosa and is a quick and easy snack for kids to eat and their mothers to make it too!

Enjoy the crisp and healthy instant rava dosa and give this healthy breakfast idea a guaranteed place in your diet.

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