Diet Plans & Healty Food : 6 STEPS TO START A HEALTHY DIET | vegan + whole foods

6 STEPS TO START A HEALTHY DIET | vegan + whole foods



what i eat in a week :

i’ve been so good lately to make videos that you guys request – this one has been on my to-do list since like forever ^.^

so here we go – my view on how to start on a healthy diet, in 6 steps.
the title might come across as quick-fix mumbo jumbo, but the things i bring up in this video are actually lessons i’ve learned that i take really seriously. it’s all about being good to yourself and listening to your body. it’s not about reaching beauty goals, losing weight, or eating a strict weird diet.

so i hope that this will be motivational to anyone who is interested in taking back their health long-term and for good. if i knew how easy and fun it was, i would have started eating this way way back when.

what do you think, did i miss an important step ? share your thoughts !

for more inspo
how veganism changed my body :
why i dont weigh myself or count calories :

ok, time to go eat some watermelon !

love // jenny



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