Diet Plans & Healty Food : 6 Healthy Habits For Weight Loss Healthy Eating Habits Healthy Living

6 Healthy Habits For Weight Loss Healthy Eating Habits Healthy Living



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Ever felt jealous of those who appear fit, healthy, and vibrant? The reason why they are this way, is not because they have good genes or they are just lucky. More often than not, it’s actually because they are putting some effort about it. They follow programs and rituals that differ from the average person. Fortunately, you can become fit and healthy too if you follow the healthy habits and healthy lifestyle changes that follow in this video.

No 1: Never shop your food when you are hungry or stressed. it’s not good neither for your wallet nor for your figure to shop excessively because you feel like eating and trying more things that you should. Write down your grocery list with all the essentials and stick to it and shop when you are feeling full instead.

No 2: Eat a salad before you eat anything else. Sometimes you need some calories to avoid eating more calories afterwards. Eating a salad first will not only ease your appetite, it can help keep your blood sugar levels under control as well. That means that you will stay feeling full for longer without having to take an extra whopping amount of calories to ease your hunger.

No 3: Cook at least half of your meals yourself. When we don’t cook things ourselves, we will resort in often unhealthy and fattening food choices like fast food and processed ready meals which are loaded with trans fats, salt, sugar and preservatives–all the things that are nasty for you. By cooking your own meals instead, you will be able to make smarter and healthier choices.

No 4: Get rid of distractions while eating. A Food Quality and Preference study has found that people who listen to music or are exposed to noise, are tempted to eat more than those who don’t. Experts say this happens because distractions like these block the parts of your brain from sending the signal that you are full even when you are so you feel tempted to eat more. Perhaps that explains why we eat ourselves out in restaurants who play music.

No 5: Exercise. Exercise is necessary for keeping your body active and keeping your weight under control, even without dieting. Business is no excuse for not getting active. Just a 20 minutes per day are enough to keep your body fit and active.

No 6: Follow healthy sleep patterns. The quality of our sleep largely influences our mood, energy and bodily responses once we wake up. Make it a habit to sleep early at the same time each day for 7-8 hours to get the most of your sleep.

Finally, don’t forget to keep a track of your progress. That includes your diet, exercise, and healthy life style changes you’ve made to lose weight or gain other health benefits. Note all these details in your journal and see where you did best and what areas you should improve.

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