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Become a Street Fit® Instructor:


Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructor Training

Become a Licensed Street Fit Instructor

Are you are a dance teacher or fitness instructor or maybe you love to dance and you’re passionate about starting up your own class or program?

By Becoming a Street Fit instructor you can be your own boss, make as much money as you like in your own time teaching something you love and you can dance to fitness.

What Do I Get From The Street Fit Instructor Course?

To obtain a license is very straight forward – all we require is that you to attend one of our street fit dance fitness training courses that will direct you on how to set up a successful dance fitness class instead of just a class.

On successful completion of the street fit course we will issue you with a license and the resources to promote and manage your dance fitness class.

There are no pre-requisites to becoming a Street Fit dance fitness Instructor, although a fitness or dance background is always a plus! Anybody 18 years or older may attend a Street Fit Course.

Once you have taken the one-day Street Fit Instructor Training you are allowed to teach Street Fit use the “Street Fit” name in your class title, and call yourself a Street Fit Instructor.

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