Dance Videos : CIZE – The End of Exercize is coming!

CIZE – The End of Exercize is coming!



Get into great shape at home with Shaun T’s newest, intense dance fitness program. You’ll have so much fun challenging yourself to master the dance choreography during this program that you won’t even realize you are getting a great cardio workout. CIZE truly is “The end of exercize.”

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What Makes CIZE Unique?
•Learn music video style dance choreography in the comfort of your own home
•Seemingly complex moves broken down into their basic elements to make learning challenging dance moves seem simple and fun
•It’s a different level of effort and execution beyond repetitive simple movement like other dance fitness programs in the market
•It’s fun, but it takes hard work to truly master the whole sequence of moves…that’s why it’s an intense cardio, fat burning, calorie scorching workout
•The workouts are set to energetic current pop music.

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