Cutting-Edge Deadlift Concept for FASTER Results

Cutting-Edge Deadlift Concept for FASTER Results



Fastest Way To Get Ripped Abs:

Hey guys,

It’s Mike and are y’all ready for a 7 Minute Deadlift Routine? This is a completely new concept and a cutting-edge routine (hint: think Sixpack Shortcuts 2!) so listen up because y’all are the first to see this. It’s routines and ideas like this one that will get you that much closer to having the body of your dreams.

Video Breakdown:

0:21 I’ve been thinking about how to improve somebody’s workout and the biggest obstacles that people might run into when they’re exercising.

1) When doing repetitions, people tend to move too fast through them when they should be moving slower.
– Typically any rep, no matter what you’re doing should be 2 seconds down and 1 second up.

2) Rest times tend to be too long than they should.
– This means your workout intensity, how fast you transition to your next workout and the time under tension that your muscles experience.

3) Bad form.
– Just doing what you think is right, just isn’t enough.

So for today’s workout we’re going to address all 3 of these common problems. Grab your timer, your stop watch or your cell phone and let’s hit deadlifts hard for the next 7 minutes!

1:46 Here’s how ‘s going to work:
– Deadlifts: 7 sets / 7 minutes – 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.
– Your goal is to get 8 reps or MORE for each 30 seconds.
– Your need perfect form every single rep!

**Once you’re able to get 8 reps perfectly, then you go up in weight.

Workout Breakdown:

2:30 For me, I’m starting with 225 and after each rep I’m going up in weight.
– Going up in weight is up to you, it’s all about getting 8 reps in.

3:13 Rep 1
4:13 Rep 2
5:13 Rep 3
6:13 Rep 4 – Ok guys, this is getting intense – no editing here!
7:13 Rep 5
8:31 Rep 6
9:13 Rep 7

Alright, we are done! Let’s recap – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off – the goal was to do constant repetitions with little to no rest until you can’t do 8 reps anymore.

Hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to send in those progress pictures!

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Train hard,

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