Clark’s Clean Cut Ab Workout For A Ripped Six Pack

Clark’s Clean Cut Ab Workout For A Ripped Six Pack



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Hey guys what up it’s Clark here today to get to the debate to rest once and for all: Do women prefer clean shaven men, or do they prefer beards? And what better than the ladies that work at Six Pack Shortcuts head quarters to take the poll from… Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Video Breakdown:

1:01 – Hmmm… Clean shaven is much better. Less prickles, more smooth!

1:36 – Definitely clean shaven. The softer, the better.

2:13 – You got to be sharp at all times. Shaven, for sure

2:40 – Clean shaven all the way – because opposites attract.

3:15 – I’m going to have to go with the classic clean look. Nothing beats it!

3:25 – So the results are in guys, the Six Pack Shortcuts crew has spoken: Clean shaven beats harry!

3:33 – Speaking of Harry’s… Let me show you guys something: Check this out. This entire kit includes an incredibly high quality razor, travel case, refills, shaving cream and even instructions!

4:26 – And speaking of clean cut… A cut midsection will go great with that clean cut mug of yours!

4:35 – We are going to be doing a quick, effective ab routine today that consists of 3 different exercises done at 30 reps each for 3 rounds.

4:50 – Let’s start with spider man plank crunches for 30 – ready? Let’s get into it!

5:25 – Now let’s hit 30 cable rotations, 15 reps on each side.

6:50 – And the final exercise in this circuit will be alternating tow touches – these will really fire up that clean cut core of yours!

7:38 – Now rest a minute, we are going to do this 2 more times.

8:12 – Round 2, let’s get is started guys! 20 spider man plank crunches

8:45 – Exercise #2, cable rotations

9:37 – Final movement, alternating toe touches.

11:28 – Round 3, here we go.

12:45 – Cable rotations, last 30 reps here.

13:40 – 3rd and final round, 3rd and final exercise – stick with me, guys.

14:48 – I’m taking MY kit with me!

15:02 – Get your month’s worth of shaving supplies from Harry’s at and get it all for only $10 by entering SIXPACK at checkout!

15:10 – Again everyone, it’s Clark, stick around for more workouts, nutrition and weight loss advice at your favorite fitness destination, the Six Pack Shortcuts channel.

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