Ab Workout Mistake — This Gives You BLOATED ABS!

Ab Workout Mistake — This Gives You BLOATED ABS!



Do this to get rid of your belly fat easier:

Hey guys!

Henry here with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today I am going to show you the one mistake that most guys make when doing ab exercises.

So please take the next few minutes to learn about this one thing you must avoid doing which can actually make your stomach bulge out further.

Before we dive into the training and exercise, I wanted to talk about two key points in training and sculpting your abs:

#1 – NO single ab workout out there will get you abs. You need to first reduce the layer of fat over the abs to get them visible.
#2 – There are no “BAD” ab exercises, only performing exercises incorrectly that can make or break the effectiveness of the movement

The trick here is to instead of thinking about how many reps you are doing, or what kind of equipment you’re training your abs with, focus on your BREATHING during every repetition and movement – this will ensure your abs and muscles are contracting. To show you how this tip works, I’ll apply it to 3 standard ab exercises:

1:35 – The Ab Plank – Just by changing your breathing and posture, you can make this exercise even that much better to strengthen your core and abs. Start off flat on your stomach. Make fists with each hand and place both hands at a shoulder’s width, right above the shoulders with forearms parallel to one another. Transition to your toes, keeping a straight (plank) posture from the top of your head down to your heels. You’ll notice here if you let your gut hang forward, not engaging your abs or breathing correctly, you’ll see that we’re not really even using the right muscles so you’re not maximizing the movement. By taking a short exhale before you contract your abs, keep a tight core. By doing this you’ll double the time under tension your midsection muscles will endure, helping to speed up the time it takes to get your six pack abs more defined and toned!

3:17 – Lying Bicycle Crunches – With this movement, really focus on slowing down the movement and contracting your abs with each breath. Begin by laying flat on your back, making sure your lower back is touching the ground. Raise your hands up and place your thumbs and index fingers on your temples right on your forehead, elbows at shoulder height and at about a 30 degree angle facing out. Bend your legs at the knee and raise your legs ups at the hips, knees reaching just below the waistline. To begin, slowly bring your right elbow and left knee towards one another, flexing your core and taking a controlled breath out when the elbow and knee meet. Alternate this motion with the left arm and right knee, always remembering to control the movement and taking a breath out when your elbow is approaching your knee.

4:16 – Lying Leg Raises – Keeping tight and controlling your breathing during this movement will engage your core that much more and make the exercise even more efficient! Start by laying flat on your back, making sure the lower back is contacting the ground. Place your arms to your side, palms facing down and touching the floor. Bend your legs slightly at the knee, keeping both legs close if not completely together. Begin the exercise by raising your legs at the hips until your body creates a 90 degree angle, shooting for your heels to face the sky. Throughout the whole movement, focus on a steady rhythm with your breathing and keeping your posture flexed and tight from start to finish – you’ll feel a world of difference after!

Did you notice how much tighter and defined my abs looked? Now imagine applying these new rules to EVERY rep and EVERY set, each time you train your abs…It’s a game changer! Now that you’ve gotten a chance to both see the difference in your training, apply these techniques to all your exercises to help better engage and contract your muscles, because you can start using these techniques and feeling it RIGHT NOW!

Don’t forget to use the 3 second rule while performing each repetition to know just how long to hold and control a movement. You control the exercise and movement with your breathing, so always make sure to really focus on contracting your muscles at the top of an exercise while taking a breath out and taking a breath in when going to start of the movement. This way you start on the path to building better quality muscle!

Now you’ve got some of the right tips to start training to better engage your muscles…So where do you go from here? What workouts should you be doing to help lose that layer of belly fat to get your abs showing? What workouts are going to get you on track to getting shredded and defined? Go to and watch the video to get started!

Until next time guys – TRAIN HARD!!!
Henry Tran

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