5 Simple Ways To Relieve And Prevent Joint Pain — With Clark Bartram

5 Simple Ways To Relieve And Prevent Joint Pain — With Clark Bartram



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Hey there, Clark Bartram here today to cover 5 simple strategies to reduce joint pain and prevent onset joint related symptoms all together.

1:38 – So instead of going straight to the doctor for prescriptions, I’ve got a few alternatives for you to try out before you head in for prescription drugs.

2:30 – Step 1: If you are having joint pain, lose weight. A lot of us are walking around 10, 20 or even 30 lbs heavier than what is naturally healthy for us… This causes a great deal of stress for our already aging joints.

3:17 – Step 2: Try cold and heat treatments. To reduce inflammation, you want to add cold treatments to your post-workout recovery. If you are feeling chronic soreness, you definitely want to use a heating pad.

4:38 – Try a massage as well!

4:44 – Step 3: Exercise. Lack of exercise or activity can make your joints harden over, causing an uncomfortable stiffness feeling. If you are active daily, or even if you stretch once a day, you’ll be setting yourself up for reduced joint pain.

5:35 – Step 4: Drink more water. You can not hear this tip enough… Water is what our bodies are primarily made of, and our joints absolutely require water to stay flexible and fluid through the motions we put them through every day.

6:50 – Step 5: Supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids and tumeric are two of the best natural supplements that you can take to keep your joints at optimal health levels

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-Clark Bartram

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