5 Rookie Workout Mistakes That Can Kill Your Joints

5 Rookie Workout Mistakes That Can Kill Your Joints



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Hey guys,

It’s Jonny and Clark here from Six Pack Shortcuts to talk about some common gym mistakes that we want to help you avoid.

We’re going to demonstrate the 5 most common mistakes we see in the gym for each muscle group: Legs, back, chest, shoulders, and abs.

So Jonny’s going to take it with the legs, and people happen to mess these up a lot. But the most common is the lunge – And what people often do is take a step out to do their lunges, and then continue moving their body weight forward over their toe, pushing the knee over the toe. This can injure your knee pretty bad.

Make sure your knee lines up just behind your toes as you go down – and try not to step out too far because you can injure yourself that way too.

For back exercises, the thing I see people doing incorrectly most of the time is the bent over row. When you do bent over rows, it’s
important to keep your posture and your back straight, but a lot of people will hunch over, with a hollow chest and rounded back and shoulders.

Keep your shoulder blades pinched, keep good posture, and only bend over in your hips. The bar should be pulled to your lower abdomen as you squeeze your lats.

For chest, we’re going to talk about how people bench press incorrectly. When people are getting a little excited about exploding up from the bottom of their bench press, sometimes they push a little too hard and let their scapula, or their shoulder blades, come up off the bench at the top of the press.

This puts your humeral joint (your shoulder joint) in a risky position where you can injure it easily. To fix this, push your chest out while retracting your shoulder blades like you’re trying to pinch them together, and don’t push it up so far that your shoulders come off the bench.

Next we’ve got shoulders. So a common mistake with shoulders is when you’re doing any kind of press overhead, some people will bring their elbows back behind them while they’re pressing overhead. This puts a lot of stress on your rotator cuff.

Instead, you should have your elbows up under the bar, almost slightly in front of you.

Lastly, the common mistake in ab exercises is posture.

Usually, we say chest up, shoulder blades pinched, no matter what you do. But with abs, you are actually going to change it up a little bit and this is the ONLY time you’ll do this: but you’ll contract your abs tightly and it’ll make your back round a little bit.

When you don’t do this, you end up putting a lot of stress on your lower back, plus you make your hip flexors do a lot of the work when you’re really trying to work your abs instead.

Now guys, I know there’s a lot to learn and it can be really easy to mess up. But I want you to learn the absolute best form so that you can get the physique and the body that you deserve.

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I hope you guys learned some things today, and post in the comments some things you’ve learned over time about form and working out.


Jonny & Clark (and Nick)

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