3 Ways For Beginners To Burn Off Body Fat And Strengthen Weak Points

3 Ways For Beginners To Burn Off Body Fat And Strengthen Weak Points



Start Losing Your Belly Fat To Show Off Your Six Pack Abs:

What’s going on, Six Pack Shortcuts? Jonny here today with my special guest and Platinum Coaching client Jax – we’ve been working together for the last 2 weeks on laying out the proper nutrition and meals, exercise programming and setting goals and benchmarks. Jax is starting out with a solid framework and build, but he’s got a lot of opportunity to get even better. We’re going to go through what I like to call my “Weak-Point Training” today in order for him to get back to the body he knows he can have and deserves, all while burning off and keeping off the body fat that’s standing in the way. Let’s get things going:

2:34 – Shoulder Weak-Point Training: Seated Cable Crossover Deltoid Fly Superset – setup by having an adjustable bench at a 45-degree angle between cable columns. With a very light weight setting, attach the wrist straps to each arm, connecting the right arm to the left pulley and left arm to the right pulley; arms crossed. For the first 10 reps, sit towards the edge of the seat with your back straight and shoulders in place, pulling from the top point down. For the next 10 reps, put your back against the angled bench and do the same movement. Make sure to do 3 sets.

For those just starting out with just only free weights, try doing a: Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise Superset – sit at the edge of a chair with arms to your side, For the first 10 reps, raise your arms up to have your elbow reach the same height as your shoulders, keeping the arms slightly bent and locked at the elbow. For the next 10 reps, scoot back in the seat while holding the free weights and bend over at the hips, contacting your chest to your knees. With arms slightly bent at the elbow still, do the same movement as before, raising the arms up to your shoulders. With this super set, make sure to do 3 sets, 10 reps each movement.

7:58 – Forearm Activation Superset: start with Standing Straight Bar Reverse-Grip Barbell Curls by grabbing the straight bar with palms facing towards the body. Curl up and make sure to flex and contract the forearm and bicep at the top. Next are Seated Behind-The-Leg Forearm Curl – position the barbell behind your legs in the seated position. Curl the wrists back, away from the legs and contract the forearms. Last are Reverse-Grip Forearm Bench Curls – placing the forearms across a flat bench with the wrists at the edge. curls your wrists up while holding the barbell and curl towards the body.

12:04 – Hip and Hamstring Stretch Circuit: At a kneeling position with your front leg creating a 90-degree angle with the ground, raise your arms up and over your head and drive the side of the hip opposite to the forward leg forward. Hold this stretch for each side 15 seconds. For a variation of the stretch to hit the posts in your hip flexors, do the same motion only this time with your hip forward and arms above the head, lean over to the side of the body that has the leg forward and contact the floor with your hand If you cannot reach all the way to the floor, place an elevated surface on that side and contact that instead.

Now do a Cross-Legged Hamstring Hanging Stretch – with one leg crossed in front of the other and kept straight, bend at the hips and lean forward. Next is a Kneeling Straight-Leg Hamstring Stretch – get in position with one leg forward and kneeling, keeping the front leg straight and locked at the knee, putting the opposite arm of the forward leg down and leaning forward until you feel the tension in the front leg hamstrings. The final stretch is a Pigeon Pose Hip Stretch: Just like the first Hip Flexor Stretch, get in position kneeling with one leg forward, but this time lean the front knee out and contact it to the floor.
What are some of your weak points you have in your training? What are you currently struggling with or need more tips on doing? Leave your comments and questions below, or visit and let us know what we can help you out with.

Like I said, Jax is one of my Platinum Coaching clients here, so if you’re serious about losing the body fat, getting the six pack abs you deserve, and taking your body to the next level shoot me an email directly at jcatazano@spscoach.com letting me know you’re interested in becoming one of my Platinum Coaching clients.

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-Jonny Catazano

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