10 Push-Up Variations For A Ripped Upper Body

10 Push-Up Variations For A Ripped Upper Body



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What’s going on, SixPackAbs.com? Jonny here today bringing you my top 10 bodyweight push-up variations for building that ripped upper body.

Now, most people think that push-ups really only hit your chest muscles – WRONG! There are a few synergistic muscle groups that assist in push-ups:
-Upper Back

It’s always important to switch things up, step away from the weights and machines, and do bodyweight variations to keep your body from getting used to the same exercises.

Shoot for sets of 10 reps on each one of these push-ups. If you can’t complete a full set yet, no worries! Because my challenge for you is to practice and train these moves until you can. So, if you’re ready, let’s get it started:

0:50 – Wall Push-Ups

1:04 – Tricep Extension Push-Ups

1:20 – Shuttle Push-Ups

1:36 – Shoulder Tap Push-Ups

1:50 – Hindu Push-Ups

2:20 – Leaning Push-Ups

2:35 – Archer Push-Ups

2:56 – Up-Down Alternating Arm Push-Ups

3:21 – LaLanne Push-Ups

3:50 – Clapping Push-Ups*

There you have it, guys – 10 different, beginner-to-advanced push-up variations to throw into your upper-body workout.

As you can see, I got a killer pump and broke a mean sweat going through sets of these push-ups, so I challenge you to get through them too. A bigger, more defined, and better developed upper body will be your prize.

What are some of your favorite kinds of push-ups? What are other bodyweight movements you incorporate into your workouts? Need some help trying to figure out what you should be adding into your routines? Leave me your comments and questions at

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